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High technology thread rolling solutions


In today’s manufacturing, one of the main challenges companies face is skilled operators. SMART Machinery believes its equipment helps to address this issue thanks to the machines being easy to learn and operate – even for a beginner.

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A leading provider of high-technology thread rolling solutions, SMART Machinery produces flat die thread rollers from small to large diameter sizes, rotary (planetary) threaders and pointers. All the machines utilize direct drive gearless technology along with precision linear motors – supplying the latest in technology and efficiency.

SMART’s patented industry use of direct drive – a high torque motor that drives the thread rollers main slide, in turn, providing high-efficiency energy-saving advantages, full torque at set-up, as well as nearly eliminating normal mechanical maintenance – is a key advantage of the solutions it can provide.

Other features include optional adjustable stroke technology – allowing for unprecedented flexibility between different die configurations on the same machine; quick changeover between jobs with optional auto set-up offering complete job storage – with ease of repeatability and minimal downtime; as well as the exclusive die match automatic, in conjunction with SK Process Monitor, providing ‘real time’ data to the SMART thread roller, as well as signaling automatic adjustment of the die match set-up without any operator intervention or machine downtime. This is in addition to the auto set-up feature where linear motors adjust the crank position to match the dies.

SMART Machinery Srl can also provide a servo linear motor introduction drive system, which ensures precise placement of the blank into the die area. The unit adjusts to the part diameter and controls how much torque is utilized as the blank is pushed into the dies and optimizes movement of the introduction for the best speed output.

Based in Tortona, Italy, SMART Machinery is owned by National Machinery LLC and is able to provide a global service thanks to National Machinery’s network of customer support. “The combination of high technology from SMART Machinery, and local service by National Machinery, is the combination that helps manufacturers make good parts with new operators. SMART is a great solution for any thread rolling needs,” states the company.

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